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Sat, Jun. 13th, 2015

bloom report

Sat, Jun. 13th, 2015 10:24 pm
rio_luna626: (summer fox kit)
afew weeks ago, the irises popped. they are in full bloom.

the peonies, the pansies, the roses--everythign is popping.

because of all the rain, my poppies are enormous, and my lawn looks very green and lush with no spirnkler action.

i am so glad i put in a garden this year. I planted the zuchinis today--got a bed emptied out-- and i planted the nasturtium by the mailbox post. i will plant more potatos tomorrow, another 2 rowsto fill the potato bed.

Everythign looks like its thriving. it makes me happy. I weeded out the old herb bed and discovered that the chives were standign up to the vetch, but also the thyme, which i thught had been cnsumed, had one lil green patch. it is a tangle of dry black twigs except for this one lil part, but given how thikck the vetch was, the fact taht it was not totally swallowed is testament to the thyme's hardiness. i hope now that the bed is cleared out the chives & thyme will be happy, and the zukes will be too.

omg soooo much yard work to do all the freaking time.


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