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Tue, Aug. 25th, 2015


Tue, Aug. 25th, 2015 04:16 pm
rio_luna626: (Ochun!)
I'm always relieved when we finally transit into Virgo. Leo's intensity and extroversion can be hard to take, and by the time we start wrapping it up, all the possibilities and all the self-expression and all the everything, just begins to feel chaotic.

Virgo tones stuff down. Virgo brings the beginning of school which always, ironically, once all the back to school commotion settles down, I find grounding and calming. Virgo is a mutable sign, so it's time for analysis and evaluation, but as an earth sign, what's being evaluated is health, wealth and the state of the harvest.

During Leo I was in deep conversation about desire, I was very clear about what I want. These are still usually things: clothes or jewelry or books or the latest package I bought at Black Phoenix. I wanted to write AND do burlesque AND go to work out AND garden AND go to the pool AND lay around AND AND AND. And it was jarring every time limitations popped up: I cannot do both of these things, I must choose. If I go to the pool, I cannot write or do housework, so the work will not be done. back and forth all the time. This could be frustrating but it was also necessary as I learned to tune into True Yes. I make a lot of compromises and accomodations in my life, and I often (feel I) need to let go of what I want, in order to keep the ship floating. During Leo I get really clear about what I want, I really see that True Yes, and limitations and obstacles frustrate the hell out of me.

In Virgo, I feel better equipped to judge, I want this more than that, if I choose X then Y will happen. It feels more grounded and precise, I feel more in control than being controlled, which always is nice.

Since the Sun went into Virgo:
-I cleaned out a bunch of junk out of my wallet and briefcase--not all of it, but lots of unneeded things left
-the massive amount of clothes everywhere (the girls' boxes from Miami, the 3 bags that Cherise was just given by V's mom and M's aunt) being put away, or culled. lots of stuff going to consignment, Goodwill and friends. Presence of new sturdy boxes means I was able to encourage FIL to repack some of the massive amounts of crap he has stored in the garage, much of it in dirty, crumbling boxes.
- I painted! It was an hour, and I didn't get too far, but I did it
- I worked on the review pile (only 4 books but to me it felt like a soul crushing pile)
-decided I really need to stop taking on book reviews
-found a new ritual group, women's spirituality group and a Tarot class, all run by this very cool artist named Amanda. I really like her
-was disappointed when Goddess Grove (my women's spirituality group) canceled fore the month, but it allows me to attend the above this month
-and then our facilitator set a date for the monthly writers group, which I'm going to start going to
-and suddenly there is plenty of community and things to do!
-with all the local pagan stuff (Druids etc) and my own altar sisters, A & A
-the workout is becoming integrated into the weekly routine
-we are eating better more often. not every day, but steadily
-I was frettin about the money and the credit cards etc etc, esp since Thorn's class, Crafting Spiritual Evolution, starts soon and I could not decide how to pay. Email today opened up an option I had not considered, which will NOT add to credit card balance, an evil to be avoided at all costs, at least until the cards are paid off. This is very good news
-everything feels a little bit better organized now


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