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Wed, Jan. 14th, 2015 09:09 am
rio_luna626: (winter river)
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last week's pic was a red sun rising over a dark lake, illumating icicles, lots of extremes. Last week was like that, extremes of weather, stress, worry. but underneath it, I felt that the year was finally underweigh, things were occurring as they needed to.

when I set 2015's theme as Foundation & Temple, I thought it moght be too simplistic. however I thought about Integration, at first, and over the year the work deepened and expanded. I felt integrated and I expanded what I mean buy that feeling. this year, I'm getting strong clues. I have been listening to a soul retrieval cd with Dr Alberto Villoldo, which is really working for me. One thing that really came thru in this was an explanation of well-ness and dis-ease, that rather than move iron filings around in better patterns, move the hidden magnet, and the iron filings will follow. I have all the tools to move the magnet, and to be aligned in Source. I just need to get out of my own way.

this week's pic is an extreme closeup of agave leaves, tough, succulent, ery green and sweet but protected by spines. typical of a waning moon, I am focusing on loose ends and little details. I am happy that my ability to crunch thru to-do's, at home and at work, has really gone up, as has my energy level. one more luxurious weekend of not-much-gallivanting, I will really be back on track. this is why I am eschewing going out too much (altho I am invited to Dark Moon circle on sunday evening, but luckily that is on the early side).


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