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November! Usually just an extension of the 6 weeks of Samhain, this year the Descent was very quiet and took forever. There was a piece about getting that final harvest in and comparing it to the seeds planted. I know my Book has not ripened as I hoped. other stuff along those lines, but mostly Samhain was very quiet and sorrowful, and I had plenty of scary.

I was very proud that I managed to do all my Dark Goddess Fest stuff perfectly well (despite being sure I was fucking it up. my colleagues and the founder were all WOW, we're in the Westword! That's a first! ) and got lots of strokes from Amber Z the director ("Whatcha mean this is the first time? I thought you were a marketing professional. You seemed so confident and calm. And now I am even mnore impressed that you were dealing with cancer-nonsense!") Props for me! I wanted to stretch a bit, do something I had not done before that I wanted to be able to do as pagan service, and I hit it and did a really good job. I have more thoughts about next year.

November's Tarot card - Balance (Justice) reversed. I am having trouble finding balance, I feel like butter spread over too much bread. this month has been about retruning me to balance and so far it has worked.

Havi's calendar says: Glow More! I do not dim my spark for anyone. I have named Nov the Moon of Stillness and Gentle Motion, and it has been so far, and I am very happy.

my kitchen calendar has a girl asleep in a cave below pine trees. "How long since you slept in the Tree of Awe?" it's very woodsy and mysterious, but restful.

Seriously, so much treasure from being still and relaxing, it really is the right answer.

Day planner pix have been so accurate:
Week before Samhain: a river with pines and red maples. I had a lot of ochun magick that week, and it was a week of feeling in the flow and deeply feeling the shift into autumn despite the warm temps.
Samhain week: Aurora Borealis! Green and purple swirls with dark pines in front. Mysterious, spooky, trippy.
Nov 1 - autumn leaves frosted. the weather got cold, the Samhainy vibe continued as I finished up Samhain events and DGF. I also began to really feel the need to slow the hell down and rest.
Nov's second week - full moon at daybreak in Hawaii. a beautiful pearly moon sinking into pink and lavender clouds. this week I really started to shut things down and take time to rest
Last week - tall rugged cliffs dusted in snow. there's an interplay of the lightness of the snow with the strength of the mountains. Looking at my calendar, it was a week where nothing was scheduled, but I did everything that needed to be done. I feel like this refers to coming back to a place of strong foundation, regardless of what gets put on top of me. I am proud that my carrying ability seems to have gone up a lot.
this week - green winged teal. a beautiful little duck in the water. This week I began to see the lines of Canada geese flying around town. it reminds me of cyclicity, and that we are moving into the winter soon. I really noticed the shorter days this week, the bare trees (many of them are taking their time, but most trees are approaching bare).
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