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Thu, May. 11th, 2006

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yesterday, just as aaron and i ahd started to discuss the idea of him moving to Miami, he finally got a job. yea! a good one too, in the Tech center here. So:

we made a budget and crunched numbers--all fun, no fractiousness (scott was so conditioned to think that any household discussison of money was a Bad Argument that he'd start at that pitch and escalate). We looked at this place and that on criagslist, we refined our needs-list for the house, specifically a yard and Cherry Creek Schools for Lu, and perhaps having to move in with Aaron's dad. The move to Miami was very much in Lu's favor, and it was cool to think I could get back to work as early as January.

so one option becomes solid, and everythign shifts a little. but i'm glad for the greater clarity. we know what we're earning, we know what we need. It's a good job and opportunity for him too, not just something he feels compelled to take because we are panicking. we were panicking too, this is right on time.

more thesis work yesterday, but i was really cramping in the evening and feeling uncomfortable. I'm at 34 good pages and more to come. I'm pushing msyelf to work, but I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon and the weather is awesome and i feel myself separating form aaron to get ready to go back 'home.' it's all too disorienting--we gotta get the 3.5 of us in one house and soon. this divided family is a total bummer.


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