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Tue, Dec. 5th, 2006

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LAst night Lu went to sleep fairly easily--a couple of books and ten minutes with her and she was out, and stayed that way.I p[layed my new addicting video game, Pirates, very briefly and then went to my room for ritual and bed.

Ritual was as simple as could be. Having looked out the patio door to see the very brigth moonlight opn what's left of the snow, I lit one candle, called 7 directions (feeling the energy faintly, but knowing it was there). I called deity. I thought about the power of the Moon flowing thru me, and the power of Jupiter.

Jupiter rules Sag, and last week it returned to Sagittarius where it will remain for 13 months. This is very good fortune for everyone. Jupiter is the expanding planet, and increases all the projects placed in its care. It rules vocation and religion. Sag is the sign of education, parties, religion and leadership. Jupiter returning there means all our various educationald and professional projects get a super-boost of energy for the next year. Fortune vfavors the bold so make use of it!

I called upong these planetary energies to support the thesis. However I haven't follwoed up with actual on it yet. and i'm wodnering if i'm too tired tonite. I hate trying to work on it when I'm not sure I'm actually fixing stuff. Tomorrow for sure. I;ve been running errands and doing otehr stuff while Lu is in school, but tomorrow I'm going to take better advantage of that time. After all, after Lu goes to bed I have time but very lil focus or brain left.

So what are my dear readers' plans for the next 13 months that could use this Jovian juju to push it along? With Mercury and Mars going there soon, we will briefly have Sun, Merc, Venus, Mars, Jupiter amd Pluto in one sign. Good for all kinds of projects. Please let me know, especiallay you Sags!!

The day dawned sunny and far l;ess cold than last week with the massive deepfreeze. It got cloudy while Lu was in school but still warm enough that I walked to pick her up with Cherise in her stroller, and we walked back. Lu was very happy about this. If i can get my shit together to leave the house by 2:15 we can do this any warm afternoon. Hopefully the rest of the week will hold steady like this.

So my recent accomplishments:
-full moon observance! extra poiints!
-more time in astral, more extra poiints
-brought trash can in
-swept kitchen floor
-made nachos
-bottles and formula
-Lu's homeowrk, finished
-gave Lu dollar for holiday partty
-checked balances
-vacuumed living room (i do dislike Aaron';s vaccuum btw, too heavy and unweildy)
-retired some more of Lu's clothes--sadly all polar fleece.
-lu's laundry, done and put away

It feels like I'm still making progress but some days it's hard to see. I have to keep making to-do lists. I also have to look up from the day-to-day because I have things looming on the horizon I will fuck up if I just keep my focus on what's infront of me. Need to chekc thinsg out down the line.

Tomorrow: waxing? bathrooms?


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